Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Senate Committee ok's "Spectrum Chaos"

Today (08/05/2009) a Senate Committee ok'd the use of cell phone "jammers" in prisons. Here's the committee's press release with an overview of the bill:

Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee Cellular Jammer Press Release

Which has prompted this "spurious emission"....

Ok, everyone - calm down a moment and read the press release (above) Yes, the lid to Pandora's Box may have been cracked open a bit today but the good news is that jammer devices have NOT been approved by the full Congress or the FCC - yet. However, because of the actions of this Senate committee, we as an industry need to work even harder to keep their bill from ever becoming law.

NOW - today - is the time for those seriously concerned about this matter to "express themselves" - before this nonsense is allowed to go very much further and the lid to Pandora's Box actually is opened completely with the possible legal approval of these "spectrum chaos" causing devices.

If you care, you need to speak out now before it's too late.
Here are a couple of links with contact info to help get you started:

U.S. Senate Contact Info

U.S. House of Representatives Contact Info

I hope many of you will join me in "expressing" yourself to your Congressional Representative.


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MJM said...

While we often agree, I respectfully disagree with you on the Pandora's box aspect of prison jamming.

Yes, if jammers are sold in Radio Shack and available on a do it yourself basis there will be chaos.

But the legislation and the pending petition at FCC,, deal with a highly regulated approach to jamming which is designed to prevent chaos and would only be permitted at prisons with an adequate buffer area around them to protect 3rd party users.

Cell phone use in prisons is a serious problem and the viable options for prison administrators considering budget and staffing constraints are slim.

While jamming is not a universal solution, implemented carefully and precisely it can be cost effective and without adverse consequences away from prisons.

Hope you can discuss specifics of pending bill and FCC petition.