Thursday, October 4, 2007

Say So Long to your Analog Cell Phone and Television

A reminder for those who haven't been paying attention, may have forgotten, or, are an analog wireless die-hard in the new digital world......(believe it or not, there are still many folks out there who fall into one or more of these categories!)

The FCC has issued a public notice that as of midnight on February 18, 2008, cellular telephone companies will not be required to provide analog wireless service. While most wireless telephone users will not be affected by this transition (often called the "analog cellular sunset"), some users may be affected.

In addition, the transition could affect some wireless alarm systems and some users of OnStar's in-vehicle communications service.

For more information about your options after Feb 18, 2008, you might want to read the FCC's factsheet at:

Don't confuse the analog cellular sunset with the up-coming DTV (digital television) transition.

In addition to the analog-to-digital transition for wireless
telephone service, Congress has separately set a deadline of February 17, 2009, for completion of the transition from analog-to-digital television broadcasting. (Yep - your analog TV set has (or will) also become obsolete relatively soon)

To learn more about how the digital television transition will affect you, visit


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