Saturday, May 1, 2010

FCC's LMR Narrowbanding now less than 32 Months Away

With less than 32 months until the FCC's 2013 Narrowbanding Mandate is due to take effect, and, because there continues to be a lack of up-to-date, and accurate flow of information or guidance from both the FCC and most of the land mobile two way radio industry targeted to business, educational, industrial, utility, municipal government, and public safety Part 90 VHF and UHF licensees, a new web site has been established to help spread the word.

Please refer this site to those who need to take action now in order to meet the narrowbanding deadline. Procrastination on the part of any licensee is not an option. DO NOT wait until the very last minute to begin or complete your narrowbanding project.


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Anonymous said...

As you have brought through you various posts, school districts, with the largest vehicle numbers being school busses need to begin this planning process. Parents want their children to be safe. As the critical link between schools, parents, students, administration and community and emergency responders, communication centers must operate and provide coverage twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty five days a year. School Administrators should become initiators in paving the way and shaping the future of their services. With proper planning it will save the districts money and increase the safety.