Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tweet the FCC on Twitter

To stimulate public dialogue over the development of a National Broadband Plan, (GN Docket 09-51) the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has initiated a new blog called "Blogband." The blog will chronicle the development of the broadband plan and invites comments from its readers.

Take a look here:

And, the Commission also has joined the Twitter revolution:

Nice to see the folks on the 8th floor at the Portals finally making an effort - albeit a somewhat radical one - to reach out to America (and the rest of the world as well), particularly in view of the way former Chairman Martin communicated with the public.

I'm sure the "new" FCC will get much more "dialog" and "stimulation" than they may be expecting from these initiatives once the general public discovers them (there are already over 10,000 responses to the Broadband Plan on the FCC's ECFS site). There's no doubt that both of these new sites will be ones to keep your eye on.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Senate Committee ok's "Spectrum Chaos"

Today (08/05/2009) a Senate Committee ok'd the use of cell phone "jammers" in prisons. Here's the committee's press release with an overview of the bill:

Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee Cellular Jammer Press Release

Which has prompted this "spurious emission"....

Ok, everyone - calm down a moment and read the press release (above) Yes, the lid to Pandora's Box may have been cracked open a bit today but the good news is that jammer devices have NOT been approved by the full Congress or the FCC - yet. However, because of the actions of this Senate committee, we as an industry need to work even harder to keep their bill from ever becoming law.

NOW - today - is the time for those seriously concerned about this matter to "express themselves" - before this nonsense is allowed to go very much further and the lid to Pandora's Box actually is opened completely with the possible legal approval of these "spectrum chaos" causing devices.

If you care, you need to speak out now before it's too late.
Here are a couple of links with contact info to help get you started:

U.S. Senate Contact Info

U.S. House of Representatives Contact Info

I hope many of you will join me in "expressing" yourself to your Congressional Representative.