Friday, September 18, 2009

IP to kill radio in public safety market

It's absolutely amazing (and disturbing) to see these types of what could be deemed mis-leading if not mis-representative articles from so-called industry experts who should know better.

Mr. Filipowski must be what some would call a "futurist". Who knows - perhaps many of his predictions will come to pass in the distant future but, after reading (and re-reading) this article several times to convince myself that he actually said what he said, I'd suggest that his BER needs some immediate attention in the interim.

He is way off-frequency when it comes to his belief that 1) radio is obsolete; 2) IP technology will replace radio; and 3) that cellular/public networks are public safety's salvation.

It might do him some good to get out of his lab and into the real world sometime soon - before making himself look any more foolish than he already has.


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