Monday, December 10, 2007

SDR, CR, DSA, & the 700 MHz Public Safety Band

The folks at the SDR Forum have released a new 23 page report addressing "Considerations and Recommendations for Software Defined Radio Technologies for the 700 MHz Public/Private Partnership" (Technology for 700 MHz Spectrum - Report # SDRF-07-R-0024-V1.0.0) just in time for review prior to the upcoming FCC auction.

Here's a summary:

The report describes how software defined radio (SDR) technologies can help achieve the public/private partnership goals of the upcoming U.S. FCC 700 MHz frequency band spectrum auction. This report also covers cognitive radio (CR) and dynamic spectrum access (DSA) technologies as well.

The context for the report is the Second Report and Order (FCC 07-132, released 10 August 2007) which establishes rules governing wireless licenses in the 700 MHz band. The SDR Forum
is uniquely positioned to consider the role of these new technologies in the 700 MHz band since its membership includes commercial mobile radio service providers, public safety representatives, technology developers, systems integrators and equipment manufacturers.

The information and recommendations in the report focusus on technology and related policy
considerations to (a) prospective bidders and service providers, (b) potential grantees of the Public Safety Broadband License, (c) equipment manufacturers, and (d) regulators.

Emerging SDR & CR technologies, along with DSA (
or DSM - Dynamic Spectrum Management) are believed to be the future of wireless communications.

The report is well worth the time to read for those interested or concerned with spectrum matters.