Saturday, January 13, 2007

Spectrum "White Space" debate heating up

The debates for and against using wireless "white spaces" of spectrum - that is, the unassigned (and unused) frequencies in between assigned TV broadcast channels - are getting louder. In one camp are the "open spectrum" or "commons" proponents (some would call them the "anything goes" folks); in another are the broadcasters, intent on "protecting" their over-the-air turf (does anyone really watch over-the-air TV anymore?); and in yet another camp, are those scratching their heads, wondering what the hell the outcome of these debates will have on everyone - particularly on those who would attempt to productively use these "white spaces". Remember, this spectrum is unlicensed spectrum, which is pretty much unregulated, unprotected, (read "FCC rules unenforced") spectrum.

For your reading pleasure, here are two papers on the subject - one for and one against the use of "white spaces". Read them and decide for yourself which camp - if either - you would support. Then, read this.


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