Friday, January 19, 2007

Kill the FCC? Sell Off the Spectrum?

I ran across this intriguing - if not radical - commentary on the Slate web site recently. At first glance, the idea that the FCC be eliminated (I must admit that this same thought has also propagated through my mind once or twice in my career, but I've managed - for various reasons - to control myself so far!) and all the wireless spectrum sold off (which, in my opinion, would CERTAINLY NOT be as wise a move as some believe) might appear to be a reasonable solution to resolving some pressing spectrum allocation issues that are - and have been for quite sometime - currently simmering on someone's back burner deep within the Portals.

Take a quick peek at the article - there are some valid points made - but, also ask yourself whether or not we - and the wireless spectrum we all so passionately desire access to - would really be any better off by subscribing to this method of spectrum management? While the author accurately notes that "the old ideas about spectrum capacity (and regulation) are out, and new ones about spectrum efficiency are in", I'd suggest that a more balanced approach would be a better path to follow.


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