Sunday, January 28, 2007

FCC Diversifies - Now Managing Child Obesity Issues

Diversification may be a smart option for many these days - "never put all your eggs in one basket" as the saying goes - but, in my opinion, a recent initiative by the FCC takes diversification to the extreme. Not only that, the subject the folks at the Portals are now promoting has absolutely nothing to do with spectrum matters per se. (They've even gone so far as to set up a Task Force with a web page on the FCC's web site - complete with animation AND audio no less, to support this initiative).

To be fair, the FCC has become involved through their activities concerning the regulation of television, broadcast media, and the advertising carried by it that is targeted towards children. But, while child obesity is a problem needing attention, it seems to me that there are other government agencies more suitable and effective at leading this initiative, not to mention those duties and responsibilities that are best carried out by the parents of these children in monitoring what their child watches or hears, or, in this case, eats and drinks.

In my view, there needs to be LESS of this type of diversification at the FCC. In fact, the Commission needs to return to its fundamental root purpose in life and concentrate its efforts on the management, allocation, and enforcement of its Rules and the protection of the electromagnetic (RF) spectrum rather than on matters of child obesity and other baby-sitting duties.


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