Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Welcome to Spectrum Matters!

This is the inaugural post for this new blog, one of potentially many to come, which, hopefully, over time, will attract the attention of those interested, involved, or concerned about a resource we all, more or less, seem to be taking pretty much for granted. One that most folks, even though it's becoming more and more embedded in their daily lives and activities, really have little to no knowledge or understanding of. A resource that has become increasingly important to U.S. national (and local) defense and our economic well-being. And, a resource that, IF wisely managed, allocated, and, yes, responsibly regulated by the FCC and our government, and, IF products and services are responsibly marketed and promoted to users, can (and already has, in certain aspects) continue to improve our quality of life. This resource is know as the electromagnetic radio or RF or wireless spectrum and, this blog will attempt to inform and educate readers why Spectrum Matters.


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